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Favorite Friday Haunts: Villisca Ax Murder House

Posted on Sep 20 2013

Have you ever wanted to experience a haunted place or go on a paranormal investigation? Follow us on Favorite Friday Haunts to encounter some of the most haunted places on Earth! After Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered in their Fall River, Mass. home in 1892, the property was eventually converted to a bed-and-breakfast that’s still in operation [source:¬†Villisca Ax Murder House]. If the owners...

Mojo in 2012

Posted on Dec 09 2011

Wow! I really can’t believe 2011 is almost history! This has been such a fun and fascinating year for me on so many levels; I almost hate to see it go.¬† I’ve been busy planning for next year already, marketing the Mojo series, working on the next installment, and scheduling paranormal investigtations for Synergy.¬† All in addition to my full time job of course! Lost Mojo is available on...

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Mojo is a fast paced paranormal thriller

Edgy and fun, this book will show the reader how having faith in a power greater than ourselves will lift us through even the most unforeseeable obstacles in life.