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Paranormal Poll: Americans Believe in, Aren’t Scared of, Ghosts

Posted on Feb 03 2014

WASHINGTON – Sorry, Ghostbusters. A new paranormal poll finds that most Americans aren’t afraid ghosts – even though they believe in them. However, they do think ghosts want to “resolve unfinished business.” The new Nielsen Entertainment poll found that 57 percent of American adults specifically believe that ghosts exist and 47 percent believe in aliens. Men believe in...

Iowa Paranormal Investigates Rumored Haunted Hotel

Posted on Dec 13 2013

OTTUMWA, IOWA — Hotel Ottumwa is one of Ottumwa’s most historical buildings. It opened it’s doors almost a century ago and since then has hosted many guests. With the guests came many stories. These stories, and some rumors, range from celebrity guests staying in the hotel along with hauntings. The hauntings is what sparked the interest of a paranormal investigative group, Iowa Paranormal. Iowa...

Perry-based Paranormal Research Team has Healthy Dose of Supernatural Curiosity

Posted on Nov 15 2013

PERRY — Brian Hotchkiss’ life took an unexpected turn when he was 10 years old. He had run upstairs to retrieve a toy when he saw something … a woman dressed in a black mourning outfit, hovering over the floor and watching him. He tried to stop in his sock-clad feet, but slid through the apparition. “It scared the hell out of me, but still, at that point it was almost instant,” he said...

Got Mojo?

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