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NYC Paranormal Experts Talk Ghost Hunting, Supernatural Activities

Posted on Jan 17 2014

We recently spoke to a few paranormal investigators to ask about haunted houses, spooky moments and, of course, Ghostbusters. Read their responses below—and click through to some real locations they think are pretty creepy!

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How do you detect Paranormal activity? What equipment do you use?
Jason Stroming, of the NY Paranormal Society: We mainly uses things like EMF detectors, which detect changes in the electro-magnetic field, still and video cameras, and audio recorders.
We try to keep things simple, and we don’t use a lot of the newer “ghost hunting” equipment like the Ovilus or MEL meter, as these things were basically invented to give the user results. It’s hard to use one of those devices and not get a “response,” so we avoid them.

Dom Villella, of Paranormal NYC: We use equipment to rule out activity, not to prove it.
The best way to detect activity is with sensitive people and good video and audio to follow them around.

Do you rely on your intuition or a “sixth sense”?
Dom: Absolutely, without it we would just be a bunch of people walking around waving gadgets at the air.

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Mojo is a fast paced paranormal thriller

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