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Minnesota Paranormal Group Describes its Work and Findings

Posted on Mar 24 2014

Justin Miner has never been slimed.

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And he doesn’t use a Proton Pack or an Ecto Containment Unit. Nor do he and his cohorts don khaki flightsuits while tearing around in a garishly adorned vintage ambulance.

But know this: They ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Well, except for that one time. In the “body chute.”

Unlike the Ghostbusters from the hit 1984 and 1989 movies of the same name, Miner’s Johnsdale Paranormal Group — named for a long-forgotten town (and site of much paranormal activity) near Onamia, Minn., where the four investigators grew up — take the non-pratfall, skeptical approach to investigating mysterious activities.

“We really scrutinize every piece of evidence that we get,” said Brian Miller, another of the group’s investigators. “We avoid putting stuff out there claiming to be evidence of the paranormal when there’s really an explanation for it.”

But sometimes there is no explanation.

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Got Mojo?

Mojo is a fast paced paranormal thriller

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