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High Electromagnetic Field Readings: Cause or Effect of Paranormal Activity

Posted on Feb 18 2013

1300765 haunted church yard  High Electromagnetic Field Readings: Cause or Effect of Paranormal ActivityIn the field of paranormal investigating, many theories exist regarding the connection between higher levels of electromagnetic energy and paranormal experiences. Most investigators believe there is some correlation. Electromagnetic field meters are a staple in any ghost hunting kit. An electromagnetic field is an invisible, physical field created by all electrically charged objects in nature and is referred to as one of the four fundamental forces. The fundamental forces are interactive and explain the ways in which the most basic particles in the universe interact with one another. It all gets really scientific, and for our purposes–enough said.
Electromagnetic fields, better known as EMF, exist everywhere on earth, in both inanimate objects and all living things. The sun showers us with EMF every day and when electrically charged particles build with weather events such as thunderstorms, the EMF levels rise even higher. Theories suggest the higher the natural occurring EMF conditions, the higher the chances of paranormal activity. That explains the presence of stormy nights in most ghost stories. I always thought it was just because thunder and lightning gave the scenes more dramatic tension.
Ghosts or spirits, like all sources of energy, emit an EMF which in theory can be detected with an EMF meter. The meter registers a numerical reading in units of measure. The unit most often used in the United States is the milligaus, and values vary depending upon the equipment.
There are many studies on the effects of high levels of EMF on human subjects. Some are related to concerns of potentially hazardous adverse effects of those living in and around power lines and other man-made sources of higher than average levels of EMF. Some people tolerate the effects of high EMF better than others. In some highly susceptible individuals symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, skin rashes, and frontal lobe hallucinations have been reported.
There is a theory posited by Susan Pockett and Johnjoe McFadden, called “The electromagnetic theory of consciousness,” that suggests “the electromagnetic field generated by the brain is the actual carrier of conscious experience.” The EMF of the human brain is measured by electrocorticography. I find this concept intriguing and plan to read more on the subject.
Another interesting study was conducted by Dr Michael Persinger, Professor of Psychology at Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Persinger’s interest was perked by a previous study he had participated in that showed some evidence suggesting elevated levels of EMF was the cause of the perception that paranormal activity is occurring rather than an indicator of a ghostly presence.
Dr. Persinger was able to duplicate incidents like those often associated with paranormal activity by bombarding the test subject’s temporal lobes with high levels of EMF. He successfully stimulated brief frontal lobe hallucinations much like the phenomenon frequently reported in cases of a haunting. The participants reported subjective signs and symptoms of paranoia, especially feelings of being watched. Fear, anxiety, seeing visions of dark figures out of the corners of their eyes, and hearing voices or unexplained noises were also invoked with the high levels of EMF. One has to question whether elevated EMF is the cause or the effect of paranormal experience in some cases.
Of course, susceptibility to high EMF is as individual as we are. Not everyone who experiences paranormal phenomenon is particularly sensitive to its effects nor have they been exposed to higher than normal levels. High EMF is only one measure utilized to debunk or validate reports of a haunting. Even the most scientifically minded paranormal investigators agree that high EMF readings in and of themselves are not considered proof of a haunting.
Investigators monitor baseline EMF readings and fluctuations in the haunted location as a small piece of the puzzle. Electrical wiring and appliances in modern dwellings can explain away most high EMF readings but not always. In some instances, when the investigation site is far removed from any man-made electrical devices, higher EMF may be of more significance.
In any case, high EMF readings in conjunction with other evidence such as cold spots, video evidence, audio evidence and personal experiences are considered together to determine whether or not paranormal activity is occurring at any given time. If the electromagnetic energy in the human brain is capable of creating the perceptions we attribute to the personal paranormal experience perhaps one day the wild temperature variations and anomalous activity so often captured on camera’s and audio equipment will be explained away as well. Until then, I hope the ghost hunting community will continue to search for the answers to the unexplained phenomena that some of us love to explore.

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