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Evidence of the Paranormal VS. Light Lag

Posted on May 13 2013
by Kris Sedersten
We recently captured strange phenomena in still shots taken with a digital camera.  A Canon Sure Shot  Model: PowerShot A530 to be exact.  In several still shots taken at two different locations we were startled by a variety of long snakelike glowing figures that originated with our flashlights or KII meters.  They would then leave an elongated glowing trail, often toward an investigator, before disappearing into the dark.

1353834 hypnotic tunnel to the light Evidence of the Paranormal VS. Light LagThis camera is my own personal property.  I have used it for years. I have taken a million shots at family functions, sporting events, vacations, and pets over the years.  I had never seen these light anomalies before so I was very excited to think they may be paranormal in nature.  I couldn’t imagine what else they could be.  They were awesome yet a little creepy.  They were not visible to the investigators at the time the pictures were taken.

During any investigation we encourage whatever spiritual energy may be present in the location to utilize our equipment for energy to help manifest or communicate with us.  Since these strange glowing light anomalies originated at our equipment; we wondered if they were doing just that.  They are very impressive!

I sent my pictures to several more seasoned paranormal investigators in the area that I network with on a regular basis.  None were able to explain the anomalies and were equally impressed with them.  We were aware of some similar looking anomalies on another paranormal websites and that made us all the more hopeful that our photos were of the paranormal variety.

Eventually I sent the pictures to a website that boasted over twenty five years of researching paranormal phenomena for analysis.

Much to my surprise, in three days I received a reply from Dale Kaczmarek very politely informing me that the light anomalies in my pictures were a simple natural phenomenon known as light lag.  When the automatic digital cameras autofocus; any movement by the operator creates the lag.  It is evidently fairly common.  Since the phenomena definitely always originated at a light source, I immediately accepted that explanation as a rational real world answer.

Another photographer, Greg Johnson, recently joined our team and he verified that assessment on the same day.  I had sent him the pictures as well.I must admit I was somewhat disappointed to receive a perfectly normal explanation for my very paranormal looking light critters!  However, I am glad to have the information.  I love to explore the paranormal.  Each tiny piece of evidence we collect feels like a small miracle to me.  Hearing voices that come from nowhere on digital voice recorders, seeing shadows where they shouldn’t be, and sensing that electrical pulse that causes Goosebumps and makes your hair stand on end are enough to keep me going back for more.In my opinion, we wouldn’t be good investigators if we only shared our evidence with those who will jump on the paranormal bandwagon.  As much as I strive to produce evidence that the paranormal exists; I want that evidence to be truly unexplainable by natural phenomenon.We may never totally prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal activity that so many people experience every day.  We may never prove that some portion of the human personality survives physical death.  Those answers may only be available to us when we experience it ourselves.  But, I plan to continue the search with an open mind and an open heart until my time comes!

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